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Rain & Cruise Control

With all this rain lately it reminds me of a conversation I had with a customer. I’m not sure how we started talking about having been in car accidents, but he told me his story about using cruise control in the rain. He lost control when his vehicle hydroplaned, and rolled a few times. His story scared me right out of using my cruise control on wet pavement! I actually looked into it and it’s true.

If you feel your vehicle beginning to hydroplane (or lose contact with the road), you would normally let up on the gas pedal to slow down and regain control; but if the cruise control is set, it will just keep maintaining your speed and possibly taking you on an out-of-control ride. Of course, you’ll want to hit your brakes, which could potentially make matters worse.

Life is too short to make all your own mistakes, save time and trouble and learn from other’s. Oh, and the internet tip about using your sunglasses in the rain to see better? True, but only if they have a polarized lens.


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